At Butler Opticians Ltd., we like to do business the old-fashioned way. We have built our company's reputation on quality and service.

Over the years, our motto has been: ““Quality and Service”. We believe that the basis of our success is a commitment to building long-term customer relationships and providing service with a personal touch. This business strategy has served us well for a long time. It has also served our customers well. The tradition of excellent customer service is one that everyone at Butler's works hard to uphold.

It is nice to see that there is now a third generation working in this family-owned business that started in 1967 when William Butler founded the company by setting up its first location on Barrington Street in Halifax. By that time, he already had 23 years in the optical dispensing business, including 11 years as manager at Imperial Optical. He quickly built a reputation as one of the premiere opticians in the province. William Butler raised and trained one of the first families of opticians in Halifax. Three children, and two of their spouses, have their dispensing opticians’ licenses, including Galen Butler, who also is a certified contact lens fitter.

William's son, John, has been the owner and manager of the company for the past 25 years. John is Chairman of the Nova Scotia College of Dispensing Opticians and has served for the past 21 years on the College in an effort to give back to his profession and to protect the public. He is also working in a joint effort with the Nova Scotia Association of Optometrists, and the groups have formed the Unregulated Dispensing Working Group to protect the public from the harm that can occur by unregulated sales of eye wear.

Having worked in the Optical business for 50 years, William Butler gained incredible knowledge regarding patient needs and products to help those needs. He passed those skills onto his son and daughter John and April who are thankful for the opportunity to carry on the care he provided. Butler Opticians is known throughout metro for being the dispensary to go the extra mile sourcing different products and recognizing individual needs.



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