Butler Opticians Ltd. has been a family-owned business since 1967. Being independent has allowed us to provide a wide range of products so we can better meet the needs of our customers. We deal with two local laboratories and several labs in Montreal and Toronto. These suppliers give us access to almost all products on the market. We research each product in depth and try many first, which allows us to choose only the best quality and proper product for each customer. 

At Butler's, we pride ourselves in having one of the best selections of frames in the industry and we deal with hundreds of products including many designer brands. We also have a very large selection of children's frames. It is important to us that each customer looks great in their new glasses, but we also want to make sure that they are made to perfection giving you the best vision you can have.  It is important for your optician to know what products are available and match them to a client's needs. This is extremely important with strong prescriptions to reduce thickness and weight, children's eyeglasses, prism prescriptions, and cataract prescriptions. Comfort and precision are especially important nowadays with the amount of time spent on computers cell phones and general up-close work.
The founder, William Butler, taught his staff the wisdom he gathered from 50 years of experience in the optical field. Our knowledgeable staff have chosen to make this their career and this gives us – and you – the advantage of hands-on experience when it comes to filling difficult prescriptions and making comfortable adjustments.